A smattering of the projects, sketches, etc... I've been working on recently - plus some colors I've mixed - absolutely love that step!  Color is key and plays a big role in my minimalist work.  All really fun stuff.  Most of these are not client related - I keep those private until the final is public or my client encourages me to share the process.

Below is yet another page of ink brush "honing" or sharpening/practice - my sketchbooks are filled with these pages.  Each illo is different and has evolving line demands, so I absolutely need my hand and arm to be in sync with the brush.  While I try to avoid covering older sketches, a great many have been lost to the ink over the years.  

Have an amazing weekend!


"B" at Ltd Art Gallery - Seattle

Two new pieces for "B" - a B-movie tribute show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, WA!  So many cool artists involved.  Both of my pieces (above) are ink and gouache on paper.  The show is currently on display till early November - if you're in or around the Seattle area, be there!