Happy New Year!!  You put a lot into 2012, so celebrate what was and is, then dream of what will be! Thanks for your support and I'll look forward to seeing you next year.


You Failed Me

"You Failed Me" by Peter Breese, 2012.  Ink and gouache on paper. 

In the wake of the last thirteen years, the time since the Columbine High School shooting, I have struggled to restrain my emotions surrounding the incidence and relative acceptance of violence in our American society.  As a Coloradan and father of two young children, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary was simply more than I could bear.  As an artist, I often find myself reflecting on the Mother of Exiles and how she might feel in these moments - a mixed sense of fury and sorrow to match my own.  

We can be better.  We must be better.  For the future of this country and the well-being of our children - a safer and brighter liberty for all Americans.  





A smattering of the projects, sketches, etc... I've been working on recently - plus some colors I've mixed - absolutely love that step!  Color is key and plays a big role in my minimalist work.  All really fun stuff.  Most of these are not client related - I keep those private until the final is public or my client encourages me to share the process.

Below is yet another page of ink brush "honing" or sharpening/practice - my sketchbooks are filled with these pages.  Each illo is different and has evolving line demands, so I absolutely need my hand and arm to be in sync with the brush.  While I try to avoid covering older sketches, a great many have been lost to the ink over the years.  

Have an amazing weekend!


"B" at Ltd Art Gallery - Seattle

Two new pieces for "B" - a B-movie tribute show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, WA!  So many cool artists involved.  Both of my pieces (above) are ink and gouache on paper.  The show is currently on display till early November - if you're in or around the Seattle area, be there! 


Bootsy Bellows

How cool is that?  ICE COLD!  Here's a link to the Bootsy Bellows project (link).


Batman feels the Breese

A little behind on posting this piece.  I actually started "Batman" the Monday before the film's opening and was just getting to painting it when the news of the tragedy in Colorado reached me.  

I was in the process of designing/painting the red lettering... I stared at it for a while... the questions began to flood into my mind: Was the piece in poor taste? Was continuing disrespectful to those who were injured or lost their lives?  The red paint just sat there, and so did I. 

I am first and foremost a Coloradan - blood and bone.  The Rockies are my calling and I dream of the Mile High City often.  I, like so many others, was there for the Columbine tragedy and with them, I hoped it would be the last.  It wasn't - we just don't seem to learn from these events anymore.

A few days passed and then it hit me: Batman hates guns.  Recalling this fact gave me some momentum and I ultimately finished the painting some days later.

"Batman" (temporary title) is ink and gouache on paper.  

My heart goes out to those who were murdered/injured and to all my fellow Coloradans. 

---> Kinda has a weird Atari game cover feel doesn't it?     



Want to win a "Kitty Kat" screen print??
How about a "Motor City Sirens" print??

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Very exciting stuff.



"Kitty Kat" by Peter Breese - 18x24" - open edition 

"Atomic K.O." by Peter Breese - 18x24" - limited edition (50)

"Icarus Supersonic" by Peter Breese - 18x24" - limited edition (50)

"Motor City Sirens" by Peter Breese - 12x18" - open edition

Two limited edition and two open edition prints are now available!  These are gorgeous screen prints with bright neon colors.  The limited editions are hand signed and numbers - hurry, only 50 prints of each.  All are hand embossed.  Very cool to finally have some prints up.  Thanks to all for waiting.  To link to the shop you can either click on the image or follow here: www.etsy.com/shop/artofpeterbreese


Late Night Letters


It's been wild of late (good things coming down the pipe), but I've managed to steal some shots of a piece I am working on these past few days.  I'll also toss a few vids on my Facebook profile.

Lettering is relatively straight forward, but it can be time consuming in practice - at least for me.  The time depends a lot of factors (style of the letters, size, etc...) and whether or not you can lay them down by hand without any assistance.   In this particular instance, I'm battling a lot of big block letters (~ 6" tall), so I'm using contact paper.   For this particular piece, I probably put in a few hours on the letters alone - may sound like a lot, but I'm very very picky when it comes to lines.


Creative Quarterly 25

Tremendous honor to be both selected (TRON 2010) and a runner-up (Black Swan) for the current issue of Creative Quarterly - No. 25. Click on the screen shots above to jump to the CQ site.


Website Revamp

My new website is officially up: peterbreese.com. Take it for a test drive and, please, be sure to spread the word! Thanks everyone.


Ruby Deployed!

Sam (working dog) then based in Afghanistan with his amazing handler.

In 2010, I had the tremendous honor of creating a sticker to support our US Soldiers abroad - I named the sticker "Ruby." What happened next was a welcome surprise: the troops sent pictures and stories back. Big thanks to all my Heroes and Sheroes over seas (& those now back home).