Want to win a "Kitty Kat" screen print??
How about a "Motor City Sirens" print??

Well, if you have a Facebook account, you're half way there...  

All you have to do:

Go to Peter Breese Neon Lights and click "LIKE"...

That's it?  Yup, that's it.

Click "Like" and BOOM you're in the drawing.  There will be only three winners.  The contest will run for only one week (ending at midnight Monday July 2nd, 2012).  One grand prize winner will receive a "Kitty Kat" print.  Two second place winners will each receive one "Motor City Sirens" print!

Very exciting stuff.



"Kitty Kat" by Peter Breese - 18x24" - open edition 

"Atomic K.O." by Peter Breese - 18x24" - limited edition (50)

"Icarus Supersonic" by Peter Breese - 18x24" - limited edition (50)

"Motor City Sirens" by Peter Breese - 12x18" - open edition

Two limited edition and two open edition prints are now available!  These are gorgeous screen prints with bright neon colors.  The limited editions are hand signed and numbers - hurry, only 50 prints of each.  All are hand embossed.  Very cool to finally have some prints up.  Thanks to all for waiting.  To link to the shop you can either click on the image or follow here: www.etsy.com/shop/artofpeterbreese


Late Night Letters


It's been wild of late (good things coming down the pipe), but I've managed to steal some shots of a piece I am working on these past few days.  I'll also toss a few vids on my Facebook profile.

Lettering is relatively straight forward, but it can be time consuming in practice - at least for me.  The time depends a lot of factors (style of the letters, size, etc...) and whether or not you can lay them down by hand without any assistance.   In this particular instance, I'm battling a lot of big block letters (~ 6" tall), so I'm using contact paper.   For this particular piece, I probably put in a few hours on the letters alone - may sound like a lot, but I'm very very picky when it comes to lines.