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Portrait of Peter Dinklage by Peter Breese, 2013

Portrait of Peter Dinklage by Peter Breese, 2013. 22x30" ink and gouache. Many people know Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones, and why not... he's rocking that role. For me, however, The Station Agent (2003) was my first intro to his work and I've been a fan since - great to finally take a moment to honor him in ink and paint.

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I'm not as active on Blogger as I once was.  I may still post here from time to time, but I really need to consolidate my social media presence.  So, I'd love to see you on my Twitter - I also keep an inspiration blog on Tumblr (occasionally share art there as well).

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Breese + Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

A wonderful and truly unique experience - easily one of the best of my young career!  A huge thank you to everyone involved!!